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The mission of the International Women in Biomechanics (IWB) group is to foster an environment where women in biomechanics can gain support, advice, and mentorship as we progress through our careers.


IWB is a community of over 500 members from over 150 universities and organisations across 20 countries (including US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Iran, and South Africa). Our members range from masters and PhD students to senior faculty and industry professionals, with diverse biomechanical backgrounds and areas of study (including comparative bio, sports, neuromuscular, cell mechanics, gait and posture, orthopaedic, injury, ergonomics, mechanobiology, biofluid biomechanics, and more).


International Women in Biomechanics is a group that strives to be inclusive to all women and non-binary people. We initially formed as a group using the title “International Womxn in Biomechanics” to be intentional in our allyship, to show the biomechanics community that we welcome all members who identify with our mission. 


However, we have come to recognise that the word “womxn” may be othering to some people. If that is the case for you, we sincerely apologise. We fully believe that transgender women and all who self-identify as women are women, regardless of sex or any social constructs, and all women and nonbinary people are welcome in IWB. 'We have therefore changed our name to International Women in Biomechanics.


Sometimes the path to allyship means making mistakes. We are making this statement to own our mistake and to try to be better. 


If you feel like you belong here, we are happy to have you.

For more information and context of the use of “womxn”, see


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